May 14, 2009 · Hide and Creep DVD Review. Written by Steve Pattee. DVD released by The Asylum . Directed by Chuck Hartsell and Chance Shirley Written by Chance Shirley 2004, Region 1 (NTSC), 85 minutes, Not Rated DVD released on October 6th, 2009. Starring: Barry Austin as Reverend Smith Melissa Bush as Barbara Chris Garrison as Ted Chris Hartsell as Chris

Watch Hide and Creep | Prime Video The movie was filmed in and around Montevallo, AL and shown at the Sidewalk Film Festival in Birmingham. The music in Hide and Creep is superb and was done by Eric McGinty. Eric may just be the hardest working musician in Alabama. He also plays Ned, the first poor member of the Thorsby Gun Club to meet an untimely demise. Creep (2014 film) - Wikipedia Creep is a 2014 American found footage psychological horror film directed by Patrick Brice, his directorial debut, from a story by Brice and Mark Duplass, who star in the film.Brice portrays a videographer assigned to record an eccentric client, played by Duplass. Creep was inspired by Brice's experiences with Craigslist and the movies My Dinner with Andre, Misery, and Fatal Attraction. hide and creep | Tacos and Beer Numbers: as of Saturday, Hide and Creep had logged 13,910 views at its official VOD YouTube page and 13,876 user ratings at Netflix. Bill Hader is a damn genius. He recently explained the origins of his Saturday Night Live “Stefon” character to David Letterman.

Hide and Creep is the story of a small southern town, Thorsby, Alabama, and their fight against an infestation of zombies. This movie finds itself in a burgeoning niche of film: the horror-comedy.

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May 17, 2010

Hide and Creep is the kind of film that would go over great with a crowd, especially as a midnight movie or something along those lines, so here’s hoping someone out there picks it up that can