Dec 03, 2019

*****Windows Phone 8.1 Specific Update. Now files can be received from clients and also access to pictures, videos, music and sd card folders***** Looking for a better file sharing solution than Bluetooth? Want to share files with all the friends at once and also at faster transfer speeds!? Wi-Fi File Sharer allows you to do that and much more! How to enabale Wi-Fi Direct Sharing on Windows 10 (PC I have HP Pavilion Touch Smart Lap Top running Windows 10 Home. Recently I have bought a Samsung J7 , and I'm quite curious about Sharing files via Wi-Fi Direct from Phone to PC and PC to Phone. But I'm having a really hard time in finding how to configure my Lap Top for Wi-Fi Direct. Do help me out. Thanking in Advance. WiFi Hotspot Windows 10: Get Set in 3 Minutes or Less with Jul 13, 2018

The connection between your PC and the TV may be dependent on a reliable high-speed Internet connection, or WiFi. Connect to Any HDTV With a Wireless Display Adapter The previous option is dependent on having both a smart TV and a high-speed Internet connection.

Aug 03, 2019

Turn your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot - Connectify Hotspot

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