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METADATA | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary metadata meaning: 1. information that is given to describe or help you use other information: 2. information that is…. Learn more. Metadata | Definition of Metadata by Oxford Dictionary on ‘Remember, metadata is a description of the data that accompanies the data in XML.’ ‘Smith also points out that the ratio of actual data with respect to metadata will continue to shrink.’ ‘Files that never change are backed up only once as are identical files, thanks to metadata - data about data.’ Metadata Creation - USGS Uses for Metadata. Metadata are used for enabling data discovery, understanding data, analysis and synthesis, maintaining longevity of a dataset, tracking the progress of a research project, and demonstrating the return on investment for research at an institution. Metadata definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

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Wikipedia defines metadata as “structured information that describes, explains, locates, or otherwise makes it easier to retrieve, use or manage an information resource.” Those who have been in IT for more than a few years know that the concept of metadata is not … Metadata standard - Wikipedia 39 rows

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Sep 03, 2019 Metadata - Oracle Describing Datab ase Metadata. Describing database metadata is equivalent to an explicit DESCRIBE operation. The object to describe must be an object in the schema. In describing a type, you call the getMetaData() method from the connection, passing the name of the object or a RefAny object. To do this, you must initialize the environment in the OBJECT mode. About metadata - Knowledge Base