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Nov 13, 2018 · Keep reading because the article will be able to explain the things that you could do when your iPad or iPhone can’t access your App Store. The App Store is a very application on your device because it updates your iOS. The store can also install new games and very helpful applications that you can use for work or to your daily life.

iPhone 8 Can't Connect To App Store - How To Fix It

Jan 08, 2018

Jan 31, 2020 · Enable Mobile Data for App Store in iPhone; If the toggle switch for App Store is disabled, enable it. Method 4: Reset iPhone Settings. If none of the above methods work and you are still unable to access the App Store in your iPhone, you should reset it completely as a last resort. interruption in network connectivity getting the “error Cannot Connect to App Store in iOS 12/13“, Launch Settings app on iPhone. Launch Settings app > WiFi on iPhone. Next, Tap on the (i) icon near to WiFi name, Scroll down and Tap on Configure DNS under DNS section. Select Manual, Tap on Add Server and Enter: Oct 23, 2017 · Another trick is to reset the app store once to see if that can resolve the app store issue. To reset the app store you are required to sign out the app store once and then log in back. Here is how to do that. Head towards settings> iTunes & App store>Select Apple ID and sign out. Oct 29, 2018 · Wait for the process to complete and your phone will automatically boot up. You simply finish the initial setup process. After that, connect your iPhone XR to Wi-Fi, sign your Apple ID into the App Store by heading to Settings-> iTunes & App Store menu and you will see App Store now works properly. Apr 14, 2018 · The App Store can also fail to connect due to an issue with your Apple ID. This can happen, for example, if you updated your password recently, or it can bug out for practically no reason at all. Jan 04, 2019 · You proceed to download a new app in the App Store and you see the error message saying ‘Cannot connect to App Store’. This is a very common problem and is not that hard to fix. The app store is one of the most unique features on the iPhone and iPad. When the ‘Cannot Connect to App Store’ error occurs it can be a bit fustrating. Jan 16, 2019 · How to Fix iOS 12 bug were the AppStore is unable to connect and is stuck on loading. This issue may also affect iOS 12 users.