Sep 18, 2008 · This video will show you how to set up your Linksys WAP54G Access Point. NOTE: The quality of the screenshots is bad and unreadable, however you should be able to configure the Access Point by

When I attach teh Linksys router to the Belkin I can't get in either. Both the Linksys and the Belkin use as the default IP address for each device. I would like to know what settings I need to change i nteh WRT54G to turn it ino an access point -- an extenson of my existing network with teh Belkin router attached to the Comcast modem. You are confusing the fact that some devices sold as access points can be configured into a wireless bridge or wireless repeater with the basic functionality of an access point. A Linksys wireless router cannot be configured as wireless bridge or wireless repeater. A Linksys wireless router does not connect wireless to other wireless access points. The WRT54GS, manufactured by Linksys, is a commonly available, cost-effective wireless-G router. Click on the Setup tab and give the WRT54GS an IP address within the same subnet as your first wireless access point When I log into the Linksys Wireless WRT54G through the web. the Access Point, set it up, and configure it to bridge your different networks. These instructions should be all you need to get the most out of the Access Point. Front Panel Cisco logo (Orange/White) The Cisco logo is the Access Point’s SecureEasySetup button. It lights up when the Access Point is powered on. Nov 11, 2014 · Hello.I'm adding an old Linksys WRT54G to my home network as an access point to get a stronger signal at the end of the house. I've read about 6 other posts on how to do this so still probs. When I change the second router ip address to (the primary router is set up with a DHCP range

My goal is to set up a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router model WRT54G as a guest. AP (Access Point). What I’ve done so far is configured my SonicWALL x3 port as. a guest wireless AP, assigned an IP address that is different than my. main network. When I log into the Linksys Wireless WRT54G through the web 1.) In the WRT54G configuration, on the main Basic Setup page, on the top Internet Setup section, change the Internet Connection Type to Static IP and just fill in some random information for that section put an IP that is in a totally different subnet. I have a Microsoft MN-700 and Linksys WRT54G here. I know the latter can perform as just a simple switch or access point. Can it do the reverse of an access point and be a bridge too? That is, I need to get a distant computer hooked into the existing wireless network, and I have those 2 routers at my disposal. I ended up buying a Netgear Nighthawk router. It is powerful enough for wired gigabit speeds and has multiple antennas for wifi coverage. I spent some time looking into "bridge mode" and "routing tables" before figuring out that the way to accomplish this is to configure the second router as an "access point".

I want to ask you, how to setting up Access Point in linksys wireless WRT54G. I was set this linksys, but it doesn't work. I have a network three like this: [ATTACH]7[/ATTACH] and I set this linksys like this: Basic setup:-internet connection : DHCP-MTU : automatic-Local IP Address : Mask : server : enable

Jun 26, 2016 · Hi. I am very frustrated. I have an old Linksys router wrt54g v8. And I have a newer Linksys router ea6350. I use an asus zenbook and it doesn’t have any Ethernet ports. What I want to do is turn the wrt54 into an access point. I have looked up different articles explaining how to do so, but nothing seems to work! Setting up a static lease for the second router's WAN interface in Services on the first router will allow you to always know where the second one is to access it. This is the usual router/gateway mode, which is NOT the main goal of this Wiki. Access Point (AP) instructions Jun 19, 2007 · Here's how to set up your second router as an access point. We'll use the Linksys Wrt54G router for this example: First take a network cord and hook one end up to your PC (laptop or otherwise) and the other end up to a numbered port on your wrt54g (second) router. Jan 19, 2009 · Creating a Wireless Access Point using DD-WRT - Refresh 19 January 2009 on DD-WRT, How To, Linksys, Tomato, WRT150N, WRT54G. I found a setup that I like even better than my previous one. I have highlighted the main differences, in red, below. To set it up as repeater do the following: Do a 30 second reset; Under wireless->basic settings