Feb 17, 2010 · I thought I tested the OP's DNS server ( earlier this morning, to find it not accepting connections. Anyhow, it is now and I see exactly the issue. If anyone has actually done any testing on the OP's domains they would have seen that the DNS server being used presently is none other than the one at

Dec 01, 2016 [Chapter 11] 11.7 Troubleshooting nslookup Problems 11.7.4 Query Refused. Refused queries can cause problems at startup, and they can cause lookup failures during a session. Here's what it looks like when nslookup exits on startup because of a refused query: % nslookup *** Can't find server name for address Query refused *** Default servers are not available % This one has two possible causes. DNSの動作確認してみた( ・`ω・´) - greenwakame's blog

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Aug 15, 2019 · On the remote computer, change the VNC Server Encryption parameter to something other than AlwaysOff, or; Change the VNC Viewer Encryption parameter to Server, PreferOn or PreferOff. The remote computer is running a legacy VNC Server (4.x or 5.x) or third party VNC-compatible software that does not support encryption. nslookup rhel64.xxxxx.xxxxx.com Server: xxx.xxx.32.1 Address: xxx.xxx.32.1#53 ** server can't find rhel64.xxxxx.xxxxx.com: NXDOMAIN I'm sure this is a common problem but I'm not sure how to fix it. It seems that dnsmasq can't resolve the hostname. Adding the hostname to /etc/hosts doesn't fix it. Running on an RHEL6.4 machine. It happens that I have already done the port forwarding, but still can't connect to my server. I tried using this port scanner tool and it says 25565/tcp filtered minecraft. I'm pretty sure I already allowed Java and The port Filtering through my Computers Firewall (By the way, I'm using Windows 7). If you use a proxy server, make sure that the proxy server can connect to the Internet. For instructions on configuring proxy settings in Firefox, see Firefox connection settings below. Firefox cannot load websites but other browsers can. If Firefox cannot load websites, but your other browser can, follow the instructions below.

Jul 22, 2013

I am trying to set up a DNS server on Amazon Linux using BIND9. It has to act as a master nameserver for a lot of domains. I have imported all of the DNS zone files using NamedManager (a web interface that creates bind configration files).