Hi, Kindly advice any software vendor to provide dual authentication using Phone as secondary auth for my cisco anyconnect SSL. Currently using ASA version 8.0(5) 25 ( not able to use Duo Security product ).

Jun 15, 2020 · How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Device. If you are getting a new smartphone and you want to move the Google Authenticator app on it, we got that covered for you. This is a brief guide on how to switch Google Authenticator to a new device. In this guide, you will need to have access to your new smartphone and a PC. Let’s get started. Use the Google Auth secret key listed on the SSL VPN Google Authenticator configuration page. Select Timed. Tap Add. On the Barracuda SSL VPN Google Authenticator page, enter the six digit verification code generated by the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device in the Google Auth verification code text box at the bottom of the page. Using Google Authenticator on their mobile device or through the browser extension, scan the QR code; Enter the one-time 6-digit-code generated by Google Authenticator and click on Confirm Code; User logs in successfully; Detailed information about Access Server configurations also found in this tutorial (with timestamps): Dynamic IP address (1:34) Oct 03, 2016 · Starting in 8.2R5, this release supports Time based One-Time Password (TOTP) authentication by using the Google Authenticator algorithm for generating shared secret keys and tokens. User can deploy Google Authenticator as a multi-factor authenticator within PCS. To configure TOTP authentication server, please perform the following steps: Using Google Authenticator or a smartphone or other mobile device is one of three methods you can use with UD's two-factor authentication (2FA) service. It is the recommended choice for use with UD's VPN service. Click one of the headings below to see how to set up or use Google Authenticator with UD's 2FA service. Sophos Authenticator does not only operate with a Sophos account, but also with accounts from Google, Dropbox, Facebook, Github and all the other providers who implement authentication in this standardized way. Features: - Can generate both time-based (TOTP) and counter-based (HOTP) codes - SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 hash algorithm supported SetupVPN comes with: - UNLIMITED and 100% Free VPN server - No bandwidth or speed limitations. - 4096 bit military grade encryption SetupVPN requires following permissions: storage: To store configuration file and current state of the extension proxy: This permission allows SetupVPN to proxy your traffic through a server in another country and

JHU Economics October 25, 2018 . Page 1 of 2 . PulseSecure with MyITCode and Google Authenticator . Note: Smart phone is required. If you don’t have one, please follow the instructions posted on the JH IT site for connecting to the VPN.

Apr 09, 2015 · In order to use the Google Authenticator to secure an account, you need to have a compatible mobile device like Android, iOS, etc. Since the official Google Authenticator app only supports the mobile devices, you cannot use it on your PC. But the good thing is the Google Authenticator app is built on a well-documented algorithm.

This article explains how to set up OpenVPN with Google Authenticator on pfSense. I’m using pfSense 2.4.2 but the method shouldn’t change much. If you follow along you’ll end up with a VPN server that asks for the user’s username, a pre-set PIN (4-8 numbers) and a one-time generated code from Google Authenticator on your phone.

Jan 31, 2014 · Do we have a solution for Softether VPN on Windows to integrate with google authenticator TOTP?, if yes then give the code changes to be done or the patch to be integrated to it on windows. This thread is over five years old, do not add your post to old threads in the future.