Enterprise JavaBeans gives us the perfect excuse to revisit our Forum application. EJB's ability to handle messy infrastructure issues will help us quickly replace the current RMI backend with a session bean that provides the same functionality. Because it will use the EJB container's communications, scalability, and transactions support, the ForumSessionServerBean will be surprisingly simple

Choices B, C and D are correct. A stateful session bean using container-managed transactions can implement the javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization interface to provide transaction synchronization notifications. This interface defines only 3 methods - afterBegin(), beforeCompletion() and afterCompletion(). JAVA WEB 7 Flashcards | Quizlet the interface __ intersace is implemented in the bean class along with other methods javax.ejb.sessionsynchronization in an online shopping site, the client is allowed to select multiple items.. as a developer, how wwould you allow user to cache the items and then write them to the database ofter the transaction is complete [GSS](7.1.0) SessionSynchronization callbacks allow

Only Statefull session bean with CMT can implement SessionSynchronization interface. I know that in case of CMT when the transactional method starts, a transaction is started and when the method ends, the transaction ends.

And this is SessionSynchronization interface implementation purpose. SLBSs with CMT do not receive transaction start/end notification because transaction boundaries are known and they are limited to a business method execution. The SessionSynchronization interface, which is optional, allows stateful session bean instances to receive transaction synchronization notifications. For example, you could synchronize the instance variables of an enterprise bean with their corresponding values in the database.

Defining an EJB component. There are three ways to define EJB components in EAServer: Importing an EJB-JAR file An EJB-JAR file contains the implementation classes, interface classes, and deployment descriptor for one or more beans archived in a standard format.

02. General EJB 3.0 Enterprise Bean Knowledge - Mostly Java - A stateless session bean must not implement the javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization interface. Message-driven Bean - Client view: the existence of a MDB is completely hidden behind the destination or endpoint for which the MDB is the message listener - Step 2 (Dependency injection) includes injecting SessionContext.----- Write code for the bean classes of Stateful and Stateless The class may implement, directly or indirectly, the javax.ejb.SessionBean interface.. If the class is a STATEFUL session bean, it may implement the javax.ejb.SessionSynchronization interface. The class may implement the session bean's web service endpoint or component interface.