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Linux IPCHAINS-HOWTO: A Serious Example. Allow rsync to Web server; Allow WWW to Web server; Allow ping to packet filter box; Many people allow everything from the internal to external networks, then add restrictions. We're being fascist. Log violations. Passive FTP handled by masq. module. UDP destination ports … How does a UDP client use SOCKS proxy? | Oracle Community Sep 03, 2002 time - Why is scp so slow and how to make it faster The rsync is to be preferred, all other things being equal, because it's restartable in the event of an interruption. share | improve this answer After disabling UDP flood protection (FP) on the destination firewall, the transfer rate increased to 6.5MB/s. When turning …

Default Rsync Port. Rsync works as a daemon and listen for TCP network port. The default port configuration provided by Rsync daemon is TCP 873 . Specify Rsync Port Explicitly. The first method to change default rsync port is using --port option with the port number. In this example we will connect remote system port 1234 rsync daemon.

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