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Open the Topology tab of the Gateway object. Click Set domain for Remote Access Community. The default option uses the same VPN domain used for site-to-site VPN for the gateway. For most setups you can use the default here.

The above procedure is all that is required to setup your internal VPN site-to-site for Checkpoint to Checkpoint. If the alternate end is a third-party device such as a Cisco ASA, Cisco PIX, Juniper etc…. you will then need to request an additional change to the Peer’s end. You need to have the third-party end update their site to Checkpoint R80 site to site vpn - YouTube Nov 20, 2016 How To Setup a Site-to-Site VPN with Cisco Remote Gateway VPN Community Configuration VPN Setup Page 8 9. Click OK. 10. Click VPN Properties. Note - You can change the Phase 1 and Phase 2 properties here. Note the values you select, because the peer will need to match these values. You can define the Tunnel setup in the Tunnel Management option. Creating multiple VPN site to site connections on CheckPoint Dear Team, Is it possible to create mutiple VPN site to site connections between one CheckPoint FW and multiple external gateways ? If yes, Could you please help me on this scenario: - On HQ, I have a CheckPoint FW with two subnets: and - Site A: subnet: