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What other islands/countries near Hawaii? - Hawaii Forum Kiritimati part of Kiribati is a stop on the Honolulu flight to Fiji - it's a weird remote place - very big with fly fishermen from the USA and Australia but is also pretty amazing for the birdlife and has some amazing diving - it's a place very, very few people go to and is well off the beaten tourist track. There's not a huge amount to do there but if you wanted something really different What Is The Closest Country To Hawaii? - Blurtit Which Country Is Closest To Turkey? What Is The Closest European Country To USA? Who Is Hawaii's Founder? What Is The Longest State In USA? Where Is New Zealand? How Far Is China From The United States? Which State Was The Last To Join The USA? What Is The Distance Between Japan And Korea? How Long Does It Take To Fly From Hawaii To Iraq? Is Hawaii Bordered By Any US State? - WorldAtlas Borders of Hawaii. Hawaii is located 2,000 miles southwest of the contiguous United States. The closest US state to Hawaii is Alaska.Although located far from the western coast of the contiguous United States, Hawaii is considered one of the West Pacific States, along with Alaska, Oregon, California, and Washington, all of which have coastline along the Pacific Ocean. Top 10 Hotels Closest to Hawaii Country Club in Kapolei

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Do you know what countries are the closest to the Hawaii We all know that Hawaii is isolated. But just how secluded is it to the rest of the world? take our quiz to know the countries closest to Hawaii. What's the closest country to Hawaii? - Quora Kiribati from a technical standpoint is, being only 1172 miles away, however there aren’t any one way flights from here to there. You’d have to take at least one transfer flight, which would take over a day’s worth of flying to get to the capital.

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Honolulu(Hawaii) 0 mi: Kailua(Hawaii) 10.09 mi: Kane'ohe(Hawaii) 8.45 mi: Waipahu(Hawaii) 11.16 mi: Pearl City(Hawaii) 9.68 mi: Waimalu(Hawaii) 8.69 mi: Mililani Town(Hawaii) 13.49 mi: Wahiawa(Hawaii) 17.21 mi: Makakilo City(Hawaii) 14.9 mi 'Ewa Beach(Hawaii) 9.6 mi Government Surplus For Sale in Hawaii | GovPlanet