Question about the efi upgrading process on a G3-710

Added IsWow64 to x64.nsh Added PEDllCharacteristics attribute Added System::Call direct register memory access type. (patch #249) Added WX compiler switch Allow skipping ExDLL build with SKIPPLUGINS ((patch #254)) Changed default DllCharacteristics to TS_AWARE+NO_SEH+NX_COMPAT+DYNAMIC_BASE Fixed Mac OS X builds (patch #253 and bug … 826 NSIS Install Script - Sensoray Technical Wiki ; s812.nsi ; ;----- !ifdef HAVE_UPX !packhdr tmp.dat "upx\upx -9 tmp.dat" !endif !ifdef NOCOMPRESS SetCompress off !endif !include x64.nsh !include winver.nsh !include Library.nsh !include FileFunc.nsh ;----- Name "Sensoray826" Caption "Sensoray 826 SDK Version 3.3.9 (06/16/2016)" Icon "sensoray.ico" OutFile "..\cd\setup.exe" ; Request nsis - Macro: Registrarse :: DLL | nsis Tutorial nsis documentation: Macro: Registrarse :: DLL. This modified text is an extract of the original Stack Overflow Documentation created by following contributors and released under CC BY-SA 3.0

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Jan 07, 2009 [Bug] PAL needs to be able to disable Wow6432Node

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Download NSIS 2.21 for Windows - - Added x64.nsh including a few simple macros for handling x64 installations - Fixed a handle leak in Locate - Minor documentation updates and fixes - Modern UI 1.76: Added MUI_ABORTWARNING_CANCEL_DEFAULT (RFE #1547844) New/Changed Commands - Added RequestExecutionLevel (RFE #1524709) Translations - Added Valencian translation (patch #1558822) NSIS: Nullsoft Scriptable Install System / Feature Because of the implementation of the nsExec plugin functions, it is not possible to benefit from the DisableX64FSRedirection feature (see x64.nsh). Same thing for ExecDos plugin. This limitation is in effect because the DisableX64FSRedirection feature is only applied to the current thread. 64 bit - Installing drivers from NSIS installer in x64 A native x64 version of NSIS is in the planning stages at best, so you will have to create something custom, either a new helper application, or a 64-bit version rundll32 + some sort of helper DLL file. Copying 64-bit DLL to SYSDIR on W7-64 - NSIS Forums