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How To Use Traceroute and MTR to Diagnose Network Issues Oct 22, 2013 Troubleshoot Network Issues Between a VPC and On-Premises Oct 26, 2017 How to use network diagnostics tools Traceroute and MTR How to use MTR on Windows. Download and install the WinMTR application. Open WinMTR, type your domain name in the Host field and press Start. The application will keep sending packets and log the response times until you hit Stop. How to use MTR on Linux. Install MTR. On Debian, Ubuntu and Debian based systems: sudo apt-get install mtr

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MTR_OPTIONS=-4 -c 1 mtr-6 localhost. would send one probe (because of -c 1) towards ::1 (because of -6, which overrides the -4 passed in MTR_OPTIONS). MTR_PACKET A path to the mtr-packet executable, to be used for sending and receiving network probes. If MTR_PACKET is unset, the PATH will be used to search for an mtr-packet executable. DISPLAY

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2. To run a 100-count MTR on your Linux server, type mtr -c100 -r and press Enter. For example mtr -c100 -r Note: It will look like nothing is happening for a couple of minutes. The -c100 and -r flags enable MTR to perform a 100-count test and present it in a report form so you can